The Mirpuri Foundation attended a webinar promoted by the Portuguese Plastics Pact, focused on plastics and reutilization in the restaurant Industry.

The webinar called “Reuse Day ” was triggered by the transposition of the SUP Directive to the national legislation. With this new legislation, now implemented in the country, several disposable plastics will be reduced or even banned, forcing a change in many takeaway and restaurant delivery services.

The event counted with three international speakers, Oriol Segarra (Bumerang Founder), Beth Massa (Ozarka/DeliverZero Founder) and Jeannette Morath (ReCircle Founder), who shared opportunities and challenges associated with reuse in the restaurant industry.

The participants had the opportunity to raise questions during a small Q&A session and the online event was live-streamed on Smart Waste Portugal’s YouTube account.

To continue its work against single-use plastics, the Mirpuri Foundation joined the Portuguese Plastics Pact in 2020. This Pact is a collaborative platform that brings together different players in the national plastics value chain to achieve a set of ambitious goals by 2025. It aims to solve the problems associated with plastics pollution while promoting a circular economy of plastics.