The Mirpuri Foundation attended the online Forum on the Multi-stakeholder Platform on Marine Litter and Microplastics, organized by the Ministry of the Environment of Japan and supported by UNEP.

The main goals of the forum were to identify immediate and concrete multi-stakeholder activities on marine plastic litter and microplastics, enable subject-specific discussions, enhance multi-stakeholder collaboration, coordinate existing actions and create further actions.

Participants included UNEP, UNEP member states, private sector, NGOs and international organizations. A key moment of the online Forum was the launch of a new report by the International Resource Panel, entitled “Policy Options to Eliminate Additional Marine Plastic Litter by 2050 under the G20 Osaka Blue Ocean Vision”.

Discussions on activities to be undertaken for combating marine litter and microplastics tackled topics such as multi-stakeholder engagement for global actions, product design and environmentally sound waste management.Marine plastic litter and microplastics are a matter that requires urgent action, not only because they generate adverse impacts on marine ecosystems and human health, but also because they affect industries including fisheries, tourism, and shipping.

The multi-stakeholder platform to address marine litter and microplastics was established by the United Nations Environment Assembly and aims to serve as a forum for enabling governments, industry, academia, civil society and other stakeholders to share experiences and coordinate action.