Dr. Luiza Mirpuri, Head of Medical Research at the Mirpuri Foundation, was a speaker at  the “Ocean Talks” conference, in London. As a member of the panel gathered to discuss “The Plastic Solution”, she raised awareness for the effects of plastic on human health and the risks to which we are exposed in our daily lives. 

Recalling the banning of DDT, one of the most dangerous persistent organic pollutants, which is still in nature 30 years on, and continues to contaminate lives by getting into the soil and water, the doctor alerted that “We need to prevent another silent spring scenario for our oceans, as we have seen in the case of DDT. Plastics are similar to DDT in the sense that they were not perceived as a major pollutant, although they persist for centuries, accumulate and transfer toxins into the food chain.”  

The debate was moderated by Lilly Barclay, Co-Founder of the organization A Plastic Planet and of the Ocean Family Foundation, and brought together three other experts to assess different paths for reducing the 12 million tons of plastic that end up in the ocean every year. The discussion addressed topics such as the much needed reactions from both citizens and big companies on the issue, and also reflected on the role of recycling as an answer to the problem. 

This one-day event was held at The Royal Geographical Society in association with the Ocean Family Foundation and originated with the purpose of uniting the super-yacht industry and the marine conservation world, allowing both to exchange stories, share and celebrate successes and learn from each other’s experiences. The programme included several other conferences within the scope of sustainability and ocean protection. 

As society becomes more conscious of the harms created by this material and its chemicals, there is no doubt that change is more than necessary. The Mirpuri Foundation is honored to participate in such initiatives as they enable the organization to raise the bar concerning the efforts and work required to attain a better and more sustainable world.