The Mirpuri Foundation was present at PWC’s 10th edition of its study conference: Helm- A Barometer of the Economy of the Sea, at the Pavilhão do Conhecimento, in Lisbon.

PwC’s experts joined guest speakers from Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Oceania to analyse and debate the course of the Sea Economy in Portugal and around the world. Marianela Mirpuri, representing the Mirpuri Foundation, was a speaker on the topic ‘The Importance of Foundations and Investments that have a Social and Environmental Impact.’

The PwC conference is celebrating a decade of maritime discussion and is dedicating this year’s event to the importance of sharing and managing information, and generating new knowledge. The sea economy in Portugal has shown great resilience over the years and even in times of economic instability, has significantly outperformed other key areas of the national economy.

However, in recent years, important sea industries have been suffering. The PwC conference is designed to be an open forum for ideas to counteract this trend. The PwC conference is designed to encourage growth and economic development by increasing knowledge about the sea and adding value to the blue economy through innovation.

The speakers are guided by indicators and information collected by PwC, that reflected on its findings over the last decade: ‘HELM – A Decade’, with the PwC presentation attended by many distinguished figures with a deep knowledge on the subject, including The Minister of the Sea, the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces and the Chief of Staff of the Armada.

Speaking alongside Marianela Mirpuri was Manuel Tarré, President of Gelpeixe and President of the Duarte Tarré Association, Maria Martins de Melo, President of the Felipe Martins de Melo Institute and Glauber Gentil of the Gentil Group and Gentil Institute.



 Ocean Photo Credits: Sam Greenfield