The Mirpuri Foundation and Cascais Ambiente teamed up for the 15th edition of the “Clean Up The Atlantic” initiative. To promote sustainable practices, the Mirpuri Foundation donated a total of 140 reusable bottles to all participants, to emphasize the importance of eco-friendly habits.

The event aimed at combating marine pollution and fostering community engagement in environmental stewardship featured coastal and underwater cleanups, making it one of the most comprehensive efforts to date. As Hi Fly’s principal sustainability partner, the Mirpuri Foundation invited the company to participate in this initiative alongside residents, environmental activists, and tourists.

Around one hundred volunteers scoured the coast of Cascais for debris and dived to remove litter from the ocean floor. Their combined efforts resulted in the collection of 1,020 kilograms (kg) of waste, with 225 kg gathered from the coastline and an impressive 795 kg removed from underwater sites.

Equipped with gloves, bags, and reusable bottles, participants collected a striking amount of litter, ranging from plastic debris and discarded fishing gear to other pollutants. Underwater divers brought up significant sums of waste from the ocean floor, including plastic bags, bottles, and even larger items like tires and fishing nets.

As the 15th edition of “Clean Up The Atlantic” concludes, the focus shifts towards maintaining the momentum and expanding the reach of future cleanups. The partnership between the Mirpuri Foundation and Cascais Ambiente sets a powerful example of how collaboration can drive positive environmental change. With continued efforts and community engagement, the vision of cleaner oceans and a healthier planet becomes increasingly attainable.