The Mirpuri Foundation has helped to spread a little Christmas cheer by lending much-needed support to Comunidade Vida e Paz, a homeless NGO based in Lisbon.

Comunidade Vida e Paz supports homeless and socially vulnerable people, helping them to regain their dignity and rebuild their lives through integrated prevention, rehabilitation and reintroduction into society.

“Social Responsibility is one of the core principles of the Foundation. We support projects and initiatives that benefit society. And what better time than Christmas to reflect on how we can help those to which whom life has dealt some tough cards?”, said President Paulo Mirpuri. “So, the Mirpuri Foundation is delighted to lend a little assistance to the mission of Comunidade Vida e Paz, and we thank everyone for their hard work and dedication in their challenging endeavors”, he added.

Founded in 1989, Comunidade Vida e Paz’s approximately 600 volunteers on the street work to build relationships with homeless people in order to arouse a desire for change and distribute meals to around 450 people daily.

The Community is inspired by the Church’s Social Doctrine and is based on the values of hope; community; equity; solidarity; truth; commitment; tolerance; spirituality; compassion and gratitude.