The Mirpuri Foundation participated in Fibrenamics Impulse 2024, which took place on March 13th in Oporto, Portugal, under the theme “Blue is the New Green: Regenerative Strategies for the Economy and Ecosystems”.

The presence of Gunter Pauli, author of the influential book “The Blue Economy”, marked this edition as an indispensable milestone for all those involved in the transition to more sustainable practices, especially from an economic and social perspective.

With a programme that interspersed in-depth reflection with practice, this year’s edition aimed to be a laboratory of regenerative ideas, encouraging active participation and the development of applicable solutions for leaders, innovators and professionals.

Ana Agostinho, from the Mirpuri Foundation, was privileged to participate in an exclusive working session with Gunter Pauli.

Gunter Pauli, often referred to as the “Steve Jobs of sustainability”, is the visionary founder of the blue economy concept, an approach that challenges the traditional economic development paradigm by drawing inspiration from the efficiency and regeneration of natural ecosystems. With a career spanning over two decades, Pauli has been a catalyst for change, promoting an economy that benefits the environment while generating new business opportunities and innovation. With the book “The Blue Economy”, which has inspired projects in more than 170 countries, Pauli demonstrates how it is possible to transform environmental challenges into drivers of sustainable economic development.

By advocating for transformative solutions and supporting initiatives that prioritize environmental regeneration and promote dialogue, intersectoral collaboration, synergy, and collective action in favour of a regenerative balance between economic development and ecological sustainability, the Mirpuri Foundation continues to play a pivotal role in shaping an eco-friendlier future.