The representatives from the G20 nations, united under the Initiative Governance Committee of the Global Coral Reef R&D Accelerator Platform (CORDAP), have unanimously voted to welcome the Mirpuri Foundation as an advisory member of the Initiative Governance Committee.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, acting as the nominator, commended the Foundation’s praiseworthy endeavours in coral conservation and raising public awareness.

The primary aim of this voluntary G20 initiative is to enhance support for and complement existing national, regional, and international initiatives dedicated to coral reef survival, conservation, resilience, adaptation, and restoration. In line with this overarching goal, the G20 has established a dedicated Platform focused on expediting international research and development efforts to bolster the survival, conservation, resilience, adaptation, and restoration of both warm-water and deep, cold-water coral reefs.

Central to the Platform’s operations is the facilitation, management, and execution of a collaborative, targeted, and globally coordinated R&D program. Guided by scientific imperatives and supported by voluntary contributions from G20 members and non-member countries, this program is designed to achieve specific, mutually agreed-upon objectives. It aims to engage multidisciplinary scientists, engineers, and technologists in a collective endeavour to identify, design, and deliver innovative, practical, and sustainable solutions. These solutions are intended to fortify coral reef survival, conservation, resilience, adaptation, and restoration by employing a comprehensive end-to-end systems approach.

The successful outcomes of this R&D program will be shared with initiatives like ICRI (International Coral Reef Initiative), ensuring further integration and translation into actionable conservation and restoration measures. These measures will serve to augment existing national and international implementation efforts across the globe.

This unified step by the G20 nations to welcome the Mirpuri Foundation into CORDAP stands as a testament to the Foundation’s commitment to global collaboration and innovation, addressing critical concerns surrounding the protection and endurance of coral reefs, indispensable elements of our ecosystem.