The Mirpuri Foundation responded to combat the global coronavirus pandemic making a 100,000 euros donation to the costs of the mission to China to pick up vital medical supplies.

The Mirpuri Foundation is the principal sustainability partner of Hi Fly, and contributed for the airline’s Airbus A340 to depart from Lisbon, Portugal, to Shanghai in China, where it loaded up 24 tonnes of protective equipment and medical supplies, already in short supply in Portugal. To guarantee that the flight was undertaken, Hi Fly declined all profits from the mission.

Hi Fly and Mirpuri Foundation Founder and President Paulo Mirpuri said: “Our intention is only to help the people of Portugal prevail in what could be a difficult battle against this worrying virus. 

“We are grateful to our air crews who have undertaken this challenging task, to assist with this mission to collect much needed medical supplies.”

“As the leading wet lease airline operating worldwide, we will continue to play a role where we see that we are able to help.”

Hi Fly is an EASA and IOSA certified and FAA approved carrier that operates a large fleet of Airbus aircraft, the A320, A330, A340 and A380 families, exclusively available for wet lease worldwide. Wet Lease – the supply of aircraft and crew, maintenance and insurance – is Hi Fly’s core business and has been developed with unmatched operational expertise over the last 15 years.

The Mirpuri Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Portugal, and founded by entrepreneur Paulo Mirpuri with the aim of contributing to a better world for future generations. With its belief that leading by example is the best way to change mindsets, the Mirpuri Foundation fosters cooperation between legislators, corporations, communities and individuals. The Mirpuri Foundation acts in six distinct areas: Marine Conservation, Wildlife Conservation, the Performing Arts, Social Responsibility, Medical Education and Research, and Aeronautical Education and Research. The foundation’s commitment to sustainability is transversal and is reflected in all its activities. The Mirpuri Foundation is synonymous with technology, research, information and innovation. Allied to these characteristics are the values of integrity, perseverance and altruism in order to better impact the planet.