The Mirpuri Foundation was delighted to attend the inaugural ‘Economist Climate Risk Summit’ in London today, an event designed to bring together policymakers, business leaders, scientists and investors to begin a conversation about how organisations around the world can better understand and more effectively manage climate-related risks.

Mirpuri Foundation Head of PR & Media, Ana Agostinho, represented the Foundation at the event, which was being chaired by the Economist as part of ‘London Climate Action Week’, during which the UK capital is set to host almost 150 events with a focus on climate change and sustainability.

Speaking from the event in London, Ana said: “The Mirpuri Foundation is delighted to be here, among like-minded organisations in this wonderful city, to discuss the best ways to deal with the challenges we all face together as our planet’s climate changes.

“Our ‘Turn the Tide on Plastic Campaign’ has been an international game-changer and has helped alter the way in which the world looks at plastic pollution and its impact on the environment.  We have recently announced too that we will be flying the flag for climate change in the next Ocean Race with our new boat ‘Racing for the Planet’. Anyone familiar with the Foundation’s work will know that a focus on greater sustainability is very close to our hearts, and something we take very seriously.

“The Mirpuri Foundation is hugely supportive of London Climate Action Week and hope that the events here in London this week will encourage everyone to think about the difference we can make to protect that planet that we all share.”

Climate Action Week was launched by London Mayor Sadiq Khan, and the week-long series of events aims to bring together a wide range of stakeholders to discuss climate-change impacts, actions and solutions on a local, national and international level.

Mayor Khan has an ambition to make London the world’s greenest city and a leader in tackling the global climate emergency. As part of his plan to make London carbon neutral by 2050, the Mayor has recently set out plans for a major expansion of London’s electric vehicle charging network, and for the introduction of the Ultra-Low Emission Zone. The Mayor has also boosted London’s solar power, started investing half a billion pounds in low carbon solutions, and helped pension funds divest from fossil fuels both in London and around the world.

The Economist is a British newspaper giving authoritative insight and opinion on international news, politics, business, finance, science, technology and the connections between them. Among events on the agenda at today’s summit discussions were:

What impact will climate-change risks have on markets and the economy? How can they be managed and mitigated? And how can businesses and investors seize the opportunities presented by climate change?