Keeping children safe and learning during lockdown is a challenge for families all over the world.

With this in mind, the Mirpuri Foundation made available for download online a set of educational modules focused on Marine Conservation, in English and Portuguese, for parents and teachers. This learning program provides lessons that will entertain children across the globe, educating them on how to protect our planet.

As part of its Sustainability Program, the Mirpuri Foundation in conjunction with The Ocean Race 2017-18 edition developed a set of educational modules directed at children between the ages of six and twelve. In a simple, fun and didactic manner, these modules unveil the emotion of sailing in the Race and teach children about the importance of oceans and their conservation.

The classes were designed to furnish children with knowledge about the impact of plastic on marine ecosystems and encourage them to take a personal vow to reduce their pollution footprint. Some children were so inspired that not only did they promise to make substantial changes in their own lives, they took the message home and encouraged friends and family to also commit to the cause.

Download the educational modules HERE