The Mirpuri Foundation was invited to speak at Rare Bird Club webinar, an event organized by BirdLife International and one which discussed plastic and its harmful impacts. 


Ana Agostinho, representing the Mirpuri Foundation, detailed efforts towards reducing plastic, focusing on raising awareness of ocean protection and single-use plastics. She highlighted some of the Foundation’s initiatives, such as the campaign “Turn the Tide on Plastic” and “Racing for the Planet”.


She also explained the work that has been done with Hi Fly, as the airline’s sustainability partner. With the Mirpuri Foundation’s support, Hi Fly became the first single-use plastic free airline in the world.


Bethany Clark – Seabird Researcher at BirdLife International – and Stephanie Borrelle – Marine and Pacific BirdLife Coordinator – were the other two speakers of the event. Bethany Clark and Stephanie Borrelle addressed the effects of plastics on birds and the threats that they are currently facing because of this material.


The presentations were followed by a short Q&A session for BirdLife members.


BirdLife International is a global partnership that gathers over 110 conservation organizations around the world. It strives to conserve birds, their habitats and global biodiversity, working with people towards sustainability in the use of natural resources.

This webinar was of an informal series that BirdLife International runs for their Rare Bird Club members.