2,300 nautical miles (4,140 km)

The transatlantic crossing between the port of Mindelo, São Vicente, Cape Verde and Bridgetown, Barbados, in the Caribbean, totals 2,300 nautical miles (4,140 km) and should be completed in around six days, depending on the weather conditions.

The tactics of the Mirpuri Foundation crew will be to find a route following the trade winds – the constant and stable flow of wind blowing from the north-east at between 15 and 20 knots in the North Atlantic.

If the trade winds are well established at this time of the year (late January and early February), it will be possible to maintain steady blue-water cruising for most of the route.

This will allow the Mirpuri Foundation to sail at a good speed and with the most effective downwind point of sail, which means that the crossing could be completed without requiring major sailing manoeuvres (gybing or tacking).

However, during a transatlantic crossing there are likely to be areas of little wind or tropical storms, which should be avoided. In recent years, for example, the trade winds have been atypical, without a well defined pattern, probably as a result of the climate changes that have been felt all over the planet. All this adds challenges to sailing and the crew must be prepared to face variable conditions throughout the crossing.

Departure – 29 January – Mindelo, Cape Verde. Arrival – ETA 4 February – Bridgetown, Barbados.