31 January 

17º 34,1 ‘ North

36º 44,4 ‘ West

TWS – True wind speed – 22-30 knots

TWD – True wind direction – 75º

Average speed of the boat – 18 knots

Maximum speed – 30 knots

Sea state – 5~7 meters swell

Sails – Main + A9


On the second day of the Atlantic crossing, the crew of the sailboat Mirpuri Foundation is sailing at an average speed of 18 knots, with maximum speed of up to 30 knots, under northeasterly winds of 22 knots and rough seas with 5 and 7 meters high waves.

Skipper Paulo Mirpuri and project manager Johannes Schwarz told on a satellite communication today that the sailing has been quite wet because the waves are large and sweep the entire deck of the boat, making the work of the crew even more difficult and exhausting.

“We have already covered 700 miles since leaving Cape Verde last Sunday afternoon and now there are still 1.330 miles to Barbados. We still do not know for sure if we’re going to have to maneuver in order to not get too far south on the route, but we’ll only know better about this tactical move tomorrow or later”, added Johannes Schwarz, who also is the navigator and co-skipper.

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Photos by Jorge Leal

Communications Officer – Nysse Arruda (nyssearruda@yahoo.com)