30 January

16º 14,1′ North

28º 18,9 ‘ West

TWS – True wind speed – 25 knots

TWD – True wind direction – 60º

Average speed of the boat – 16,6 knots

Maximum speed – 26,4 knots

Sea state – 4~5 meters swell

Sails – Main + A9


The first night of the route from Cape Verde to Barbados begin with good winds from east-northeast, up to 30 nós, big seas (4 to 5 meters high swell) and incredible speeds of the boat VOR Mirpuri Foundation, sailing downwind at 22 to 26 knots, and covering 300 miles.

The only downside was the ripping of the gennaker (A9) in the wee hours when the boat struck a wave, but the crew managed to  picked it up and is already doing the repair.

In a communication to land via satellite phone, Mr. Paulo Mirpuri, told that the crew is already working on a watch system of four hours on deck, four hours off and four hours on stand by. “I’m at the noon watch and today at 18:00 h. we are going to have our first hot meal since we left Mindelo, in Cape Verde, prepared by our crew member and cook Giani Iura. Since we left port we were having only snacks and sandwiches in these first 24 hours of route.”


Official sponsors of the transatlantic crossing:

Mirpuri Foundation – main sponsor

Hi Fly






Photos by Jorge Leal

Communication Officer – Nysse Arruda (nyssearruda@yahoo.com)