Instable winds (15 to 20 knots) and a sea with waves 5-7 meters high (a result of the current bad weather in the North Atlantic which hit Europe in the last few days) are delaying the progress of the Mirpuri Foundation on the route to Barbados.

In a brief communication via satellite yesterday, skipper Paulo Mirpuri said that today the team would take the second jibe on the route, since the departure in Cape Verde. “We have to make these tactical move in order to get a more direct route to the north end of the island. We have sailed for several days on port tack and we expect the wind to increase in strength so we can complete this 2,000 mile oceanic route from Cape Verde on Sunday morning.”, said the Portuguese skipper, stressing that the trip has been going very well, with the team united and a good performance of the VOR70 sailboat, capable of incredible speeds like the ones reached in the first days of the route, with peaks of 30 knots of speed with 22 knots winds.

In Barbados, local authorities and several international sailing journalists await the arrival of the boat and crew for the interviews on the transatlantic route and, in particular, to deepen the theme of ocean conservation that the Mirpuri Foundation cherishes with its program “Eleventh hour Wake up call – Save the Ocean “.


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