The Mirpuri Foundation, in collaboration with The Explorers Club – Portugal Chapter, is proud to announce the “Mirpuri Foundation Conservation Forum,” a pivotal conference that aims to foster sustainability and conservation by bringing together national and international leaders from diverse organizations across public and private sectors.

Scheduled for July 5th at the Cascais Marina – within the 5th edition of the Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Trophy event – the forum features roundtable sessions for dynamic and interactive discussions, and will give attendees the chance to engage in discussions on current environmental challenges, explore innovative solutions, and share best practices and initiatives geared towards biodiversity preservation and climate change mitigation.

Prominent speakers at the conference include:

  • Carlos Duarte, Executive Director at G20 Global Coral Reef R&D Accelerator Forum (CORDAP)
  • Meredith McCurdy, Programme Leader at Sports for Nature – International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN)
  • Captain Pedro Videira, Head of Nature and Environment Protection Service Section, in Border and Coastal Control Unit at the National Republican Guard (GNR)
  • Grethel Aguilar, Director General at International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)
  • Gonçalo Santos, Internationalization Coordinator at Fórum Oceano

Check the Mirpuri Foundation Conservation Forum Agenda

The “Mirpuri Foundation Conservation Forum”, a new initiative of the Mirpuri Foundation’s marine conservation program, underscores its ongoing commitment to sustainability. 

If you wish to attend this conference, please send an email with your request to: