The Mirpuri Foundation’s Concert for Peace 2019 has been commemorated by the planting of an olive, known as the tree of peace, by the Mirpuri Foundation President Paulo Mirpuri, Carlos Carreiras (President of the Cascais City Hall), José Maria del Corral (Scholas President), Román Rodriguez (also Scholas), Mirpuri Foundation Ambassador Cuca Roseta and Pedro Santos (General Manager of Sheraton Cascais Resort).

The beneficiary of the concert, the Scholas organisation, is a school networking program that was initially established by the Pope Francis in Buenos Aires.

The concert was staged at the exclusive Sheraton Cascais Resort, and starred Portuguese Fado star and Mirpuri Foundation ambassador Cuca Roseta, alongside the Cascais & Oeiras Chamber Orchestra.

The solidarity concert was a joint venture, in partnership with Cascais City Hall, The Sheraton Cascais Resort, Cuca Roseta, the Cascais and Oeiras Orchestra and the Chiado Group, to raise funds for the Scholas organization. Just prior to the concert, Mirpuri Foundation President, Paulo Mirpuri, joined the others dignitaries at a brief planting ceremony to a mark the event.

The olive tree in an international symbol of peace – recognized around the world and long-known as a symbol of victory, peace, and purity.

Because of their slow rate of growth olive trees, are rarely cultivated during wartime, leading the plant to be considered as a tree of peace.

Reflecting on the concert and ceremony, Ana Agostinho, Head of Public Relations at the Mirpuri Foundation, said: “It was a wonderful evening and showcased the best of Portuguese talent while benefitting a wonderful cause.

“Everyone at the Mirpuri Foundation was delighted to lend support to the Scholas’ Concert Program.

“Like us, Scholas always seeks to foster a spirit of collaboration to positively impact and educate our communities.

“At the Foundation we are committed to the promotion and support of Portuguese Arts and to the cultural education of our children.

“Cuca, our very own Cultural Ambassador and the talented musicians from the Cascais & Oeiras Chamber Orchestra, performed a fantastic Fado show. It could not have been better.

“We’d like to thank Cuca, the Cascais & Oeiras Chamber Orchestra, our good friends at Cascais City Hall and the Sheraton Resort as well as the Chiado Group for helping us bring this event to Portugal.

The beneficiary of the concert, the Scholas organisation, is a school networking program that was initially established by the Pope Francis in Buenos Aires when he was Arch Bishop in the city. It was born by forming a network of ‘escuelas de vecinos,’ or neighborhood schools, to build bridges between them.

Since August 15, 2015, Scholas has been a ‘Pious Foundation’ of pontifical right, as set out by a Papal Decree signed by Pope Francis. The organization is built on the three pillars of instruction, sports and culture.

Today there are close to 450,000 Scholas Occurrentes, in about 80 countries over five continents.

The World Tour of Concerts for Peace is a worldwide Scholas initiative designed to make its mission better known and to contribute to the cultural education and integration of children around the world in the name of Peace.

Concerts will be held in different countries during 2019, bringing together artists of different styles and musical tastes.

Cuca Roseta, who is a Mirpuri Foundation Ambassador, is one of the most remarkable and recognized voices of Fado music in Portugal today.

She became a Foundation Ambassador in May 2019, saying at the time: “I believe that together, day by day, and step by step, we at the Foundation will contribute towards a better world where everyone may live with the respect and love they are entitled to.”