The Mirpuri Foundation was the sustainability partner for the CanSat Júnior Açores event, which took place on the island of Santa Maria, offering 150 reusable water bottles distributed to participants.

CanSat Júnior Açores is an educational project supervised by the Azores Mission Structure for Space (EMA-Espaço). This entity operates under the Regional Undersecretary of the Presidency, responsible for implementing and monitoring the Azores Space Strategy, in partnership with the delegation of the European Space Education Resource Office (ESERO Portugal) and with Ciência Viva – National Agency for Scientific and Technological Culture.

The regional edition of this project created in Portugal by ESERO, with the supervision of the European Space Agency (ESA), aimed to provide young students in the Region, at primary education level, with contact with an eminently scientific and technological project based on a spatial context “ real” – construction and launch of a microsatellite the size of a soda can, equipped with sensors and a communications system, capable of measuring atmospheric parameters and sending data via telemetry to a ground station operated by the students.

This initiative, which involved 14 teams connecting more than 150 students and teachers from 7 islands in the archipelago, is part of the Azores Strategy for Space (EAE) program, a structuring document about the consolidation and development of the sector in the Region.

One of the priority axes included in the EAE is Dissemination, Education and Scientific Culture for Space as an area of ​​intervention for the creation of generations of Azorean men and women attentive to the STEM sector (sciences, technologies, engineering and mathematics), contributing to responding to the requirements in terms of qualifications that the Space sector requires, and to the growth of the Azores space ecosystem.

This partnership aligns with the mission of the Mirpuri Foundation in intervention and promotion in the area of ​​Aerospace Research, recognising the importance of stimulating and actively contributing to the training of young people in different areas of the sector and, above all, contributing to the sustainability of the event, avoiding single-use plastics.