Global Leaders Discuss Conservation Initiatives at Mirpuri Foundation Conservation Forum

The Mirpuri Foundation, in collaboration with The Explorers Club – Portugal Chapter, hosted the inaugural Mirpuri Foundation Conservation Forum. This event served as a platform for renowned national and international leaders to discuss pressing environmental challenges and explore innovative solutions for ocean sustainability and conservation.

The forum began with welcome remarks from Dr. Paulo Mirpuri, Founder and President of the Mirpuri Foundation, who emphasized the foundation’s commitment to sustainability. Ana Agostinho, Advisor at the  Mirpuri Foundation, also highlighted the importance of marine conservation forums in contributing to a healthier ocean. Paul Niel, Founder and Chair of The Explorers Club Portugal Chapter, and Carla Salsinha, President of ERT-RL – Entidade Regional de Turismo da Região de Lisboa, highlighted the critical role of collaborative efforts in achieving conservation goals.

The first roundtable, titled “Bridging the Science and Policy Nexus for Conservation,” featured contributions from Carlos Duarte, Executive Director of CORDAP – G20 Global Coral Reef R&D Accelerator Forum, Commander Telmo Dias, Head of the Technical-Scientific Data Management Centre of the Portuguese Navy at the Hydrographic Institute, Grethel Aguilar, Director General of the IUCN – International Union for Conservation of Nature, and Gonçalo Santos, Internationalization Coordinator of the Fórum Oceano. The discussion underscored the need to integrate scientific research with policy-making to drive effective conservation strategies.

During the conference, Dr. Paulo Mirpuri led a discussion on Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) and their potential to decarbonize the aviation industry. The guest speakers explored the role that SAF can play in achieving net zero emissions by 2050, acknowledging the importance of this innovation for a sustainable future.

Following was a storytelling session led by Ricardo Nascimento, an underwater cinematographer and director. His presentation, “Orcas, Science, Ourselves: How Storytelling Changes Everything,” illustrated the profound impact of storytelling in fostering public awareness and engagement in conservation efforts.

The second roundtable delved into “Climate-Forward Partnerships and Conservation Initiatives.” Ralph Slikkerveer, Research and Development Director of AkzoNobel, Gonçalo Costa, Founder of The Cricket Farming Co. and National Geographic Explorer, João Canning-Clode, Vice-President and Founder of MARE – Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre, and Anna Isserman, Development Board Member at Pangea Trust, shared insights on partnerships and initiatives aimed at combating climate change and promoting sustainable practices.

The final roundtable addressed the theme “Protecting and Restoring Nature: The Role of the Public and Private Sector.” Meredith McCurdy, Programme Leader at Sports for Nature, IUCN, Captain Pedro Videira, Head of Nature and Environment Protection Service Section, in Border and Coastal Control Unit at GNR – National Republican Guard, Nuno Costa, PR & Marketing Manager at Porsche Ibérica, and Joana Branquinho, Founder and CEO of Oria Advisors Real Estate, discussed the collaborative efforts necessary between various sectors to achieve significant conservation outcomes as well as the latest developments from both the public and private sectors.

The conference concluded with insightful final remarks from Dr. Luíza Mirpuri, Co-Founder and Head of Science of the Mirpuri Foundation, who expressed gratitude to all participants and reaffirmed the foundation’s dedication to advancing ocean sustainability and global conservation initiatives.

The Mirpuri Foundation Conservation Forum proved to be a relevant and informative event, contributing to the conversation on conservation. By bringing together experts, the forum enabled meaningful dialogue and the exchange of innovative ideas essential for the preservation of our planet’s ecosystems.

Mirpuri Foundation Conservation Forum Agenda