The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

Paulo Mirpuri has accumulated substantial wealth generated mainly by his investments in the Air Transportation Industry, namely airlines, aircraft finance and trading, aircraft engineering and maintenance, aircraft handling and airline catering. So

in form of “give back”, we support the training of young people in several disciplines of the Air Transportation Industry as well as aeronautical and aerospace research that can contribute to improve the safety and progress of this Industry.

Mirpuri Foundation supports research and education of new talents in several fields of aviation that can contribute to the development of the airline industry in a sustainable way.

Improve safety and reduce emissions

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This is an industry where new technology and inovation is introduced on a continuous base, not only to improve safety but also to reduce emissions at the

same time activity intensifies. The number of passengers and goods transported by commercial airlines will continue to grow in the forseable future.

“Mirpuri Foundation believes that no isolated efforts can succeed and only by acting together we can change course for a better world, a world where sustainability comes before politics and profit.”

— by Paulo Mirpuri

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